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Yudi Rosenzweig

Yudi Rosenzweig has been in the financial and insurance business since 1996. He enthusiastically assists his clients in choosing effective insurance and investment products to help fit their financial obligations and protect their families in a time of need. Yudi specializes in the following areas: Individuals and Families, Retirement Programs, Business Continuation, Executive Fringe Benefits, and Social Security Strategies.

Yudi is a proud father of two sons and is married to the woman of his dreams. Yudi lost his mother at an early age and as a result has always been concerned about his father’s wellbeing especially when he entered the mature marketplace. Educating seniors about maximizing their social security benefits has always been his passion and he is not shy about it. Yudi believes that 60 is the new 50 but the government does not subscribe to that philosophy. He believes that everyone should know their options to properly prepare for the future.